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The Egy Organic Import & Export one of the most important companies Almsdrhvi field of herbs, seeds and medicinal plants in Egypt and the Middle East since fifteen years; it also ensures that their products are of high quality

It also has a strong presence at the local level as well as the customer base and network marketing on a large scale all over the world Egy Organic companies for Import and Export of Organic Farms exported to the whole world of Africa, Asia, America, Australia and Europe. As well as the Arab countries, among them Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Kuwait, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Japan, United States

We pay great attention to every detail that will enhance the production process and of quality control procedures, speed and flexibility, shipping, reasonable prices and most of all, the customer suggestions, and that feeds the success of the relationship with our customers Although the export contracts intended for raw materials and the bags are coated only it always takes into account purposeful division during the production process Egy Organic Herbs company for seasoning and agricultural products are always trying to continually provide effective and fast service to all our customers, we always we send the products that were purchased with orders placed within 3-30 days from the date of the purchase order and it depends on the size of the required matter and availability Bmkhaznna